Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Weekend,

I’m so glad you are going to hang around an extra day this time. I always like when you pull Friday into your ranks. Would you mind doing that a bit more often, please?

Anywho, I have big plans for you and I. Here’s what I’m thinking; let me know if you like it:

1. Let’s organize all the crap I’ve stuffed under the spare bed. I know it’s there, you know its there, and most of it can probably be thrown away.

2. Let’s go see this with the Mister. I bet he’d really like to see it.

3. Let’s clear out the Christmas decorations. Because the tree is dry and the ornaments are starting to fall off of their own volition. I don’t want to see my Precious Moments (don’t judge, Weekend!) on a suicide mission.

4. Why don’t we finish reading Armageddon in Retrospect (I know how much you love Vonnegut), and start reading Wuthering Heights? It’s about time we got that one under our belts.

5. Let’s go to the gym. At least once. Come on, I know it’s not exactly fun, but none of my pants fit anymore, and since you’re having to add an extra day, I’m guessing you’re having the same problem. Things just don’t FIT.

6. I’ve got a few gift cards that need to be spent. Let’s take them on a whirlwind tour of the city, and then maybe return the shoes that I bought for the Mister, only to bring them home and discover they were both LEFTS. (Is there someone who took two rights? Did they mean to? Is their left foot shaped like their right one? I’m dying to know.)

7. Let’s make espresso and tea and coffee press coffee all day, every day. I love our new stovetop espresso maker, and I want to make sure it gets a fair shake in this world.


P.S. If we have time, maybe we should start working on organizing the computer at home. It’s in a sad state, and it really needs to be backed up and cleaned out. We could at least start organizing some of the files, couldn’t we? Come on… please? I could really use your help, Weekend.

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