Monday, December 28, 2009

A White Christmas With My Mister

Christmas was a hit. Our menu was straight from the Pioneer Woman’s website. Nearly every bit. And it was scrumptious. The biggest hit was this “Fancy Macaroni." It cost about a million dollars to make, what with all the fancy-schmancy cheeses in it, but it was so good that it was really worth it. My only suggestion would be to add a fancier meat to it –maybe mix bacon and pancetta. Not that it really needs to be more expensive.

The Mister really raked it in this year from me. I couldn’t stop myself buying his gifts. None of them were huge gifts, just a ton of small things – a miniature leatherman, a huge Maglite, clothes, a fossil watch and a lot of stocking stuffers. I loved watching him open them.

The Mister did pretty good for my gifts, and I walked away with a beautiful coat from Victoria’s Secret – something that has the princess seams to allow me to wear my cute party dresses with it. I’m looking forward to going to a party so I can try it out.

The biggest hit, though, were my stocking stuffers, or the lack thereof. The Mister had planned on getting them Christmas Eve, but we were slammed with a storm and the windshield wipers on the Mister’s car were unresponsive. So, he managed to hike in the sleet to get the meat for our meal, but stocking stuffers were out of the question. On Christmas morning, I was a little bummed, and I may or may not have acted like a spoiled brat. And then I had a genius idea.

“Mister?” I said.

“Yes, my love?” he looked sheepish, like I was going to go into full-on tantrum mode about my empty stocking.

“Could my stocking stuffers maybe be that you do everything I say today?”

He took no time in responding. “Sure!”

It was an easy out, and left us both feeling better. I immediately ordered him to water the Christmas tree. That was followed, in no particular order, by setting up the table, cleaning various things, and making the bed. After dinner, I announced to him that I wasn’t going to step in the kitchen again for the rest of the day, and he made it his personal mission to ensure it was cleaned and all the leftovers put away (with the help of our mothers). He fetched me water, made me espresso, and basically acted like the most ideal husband all day.

To top if off, he turned it into a weekend-long thing. Taking out the trash in two feet of snow (I would have asked, but our laundry room was filled with 4 full bags and starting to smell like a landfill), scratching my back for the longest time, watching movies with me, cleaning up while I enjoyed my new Zelda game and read a lovely book, and going outside in the ice cold to try to build a snowman. I felt pampered and loved and taken care of all weekend. I asked last night if it could become a tradition. It was far better than a stocking full of candy I didn’t need.

So, thank you to my Mister for forgetting to buy Reese’s Pieces and random crap to fill my stocking. I loved my “stocking stuffers” more than you can imagine. It made my Christmas simply wonderful.


Robyn said...

Ah, what a good hubby and a good idea for a stocking stuffer! It was so good to see you yesterday! And, yes, I plan on blogging more so I can create a cult following. : )

Cheri said...

This Christmas was so special for me! I've bragged and bragged on what a wonderful cook and homemaker you are. That is a little old-fashioned to brag on your home-making skills, but both you and Greg have made quite a nice little nest. If a few years, hmmmm.