Monday, January 11, 2010

He's Awesome and 11 Other Reasons Why I Married Him

Right now, our house is as clean as its ever been. And I had no hand in it.

This weekend, my mother and I went on a trip with family friends to Vegas. I kind of sprang it on the Mister, and he took it in stride and didn’t seem to mind my going. I imagined he would spend the weekend playing on our Playstation 2 – a recent acquisition from a friend, but to my surprise he didn’t. In fact, by the way the house looks, he spent almost no time playing, and the whole time working, working, working.

I walked in at almost midnight last night and was immediately greeted by a living room that looked vastly different. I blanched. I looked again. I put down my stuff, and slowly walked through the house with the Mister, trying to find all the little changes he had made. Among other things he:

1. Cleaned the house from top to bottom so that it is absolutely SPOTLESS.
2. Removed a piece of our sectional couches and transferred it to the basement via treacherous outdoor stairs in 4-degree weather.
3. Moved a few things around so said piece of sectional didn’t look like it is “missing” at all, but made the room feel twice as big.
4. Hung three or four new pictures.
5. Bought a nice wall clock for our living room
6. Bought two new, matching chairs for our tiny dining room, which make the room look much bigger.
7. Moved a bookshelf from the hallway to our bedroom, so we can have a more accessible “to-read” shelf.
8. Bought a tablecloth for the folding table that is acting as extra counter space in our kitchen.
9. Bought and installed curtains and a curtain rod to replace the ugly folding doors on our pantry. (And I think he would have hemmed them, too, had he known how to use my sewing machine).
10. Installed our magnetic strip mount for our collection of Wustof knives.
11. Moved the subwoofer behind our entertainment center so that it is no longer a feature of our living room.

And I know I’m forgetting things. Really, the house looked incredible, and if it hadn’t been nearly 1:00 a.m. by the time I had showered and dried my hair, I would have spent more time admiring it. As it was, I arrived home officially exhausted and climbed into bed with my equally (and rightfully) exhausted Mister.

Perhaps I should go away more often… ?

Nah. I miss him too much.

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