Monday, February 22, 2010

Icky-Sicky - Tricky, Tricky

What started last Sunday with a sore throat and general achy-ness has spent all week camping out in my body. It threw in dizziness and congestion for good measure, and kept up the sore throat until this morning.

Today I finally sound like I’ve felt all week. But today, I feel better. The good part is that it’s proof – “Look! I really AM sick!” I’ve been going home from work in mid-afternoon, exhausted, spent hours upon hours laying on my couch in a nearly comatose state, watching episodes of Lost and trying to get up the energy to do more than that. The illness has worn out its welcome, and this week, I am ready to take back my freedom.

I will start by making meatloaf and mashed potatoes tonight for dinner. I’ve had the Pioneer Woman’s recipe in mind since early last week; my body is craving comfort food. I might also start my laundry, and do some homework. It will be the most productive day I’ve had in over a week.

I’m still tired, but it’s a different kind of tired. It’s a tired that can be overcome, unlike the tired of last week, which was an all-consuming, can’t move an inch kind of tired.

There are only two weeks left until we leave for Europe, on a whirlwind tour of Paris and Valencia, and each day I get more excited, and more scared. I’m thrilled we’re doing it, but it’s such a scary adventure, not knowing if my French will get us through it without being thoroughly ripped off. Zut alors!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


This shirt would be perfect for my trip to France next month. (They're a very stripey kind of people.)

Too bad it's WAY out of my price range. Silly Anthro.

Via Bliss.

A Brief Update on Life

It has been a busy few weeks. But I don’t need to tell you that.

I went skiing at Copper Mountain with the family. It was fun, but at times a little strained. I was so happy each day to get to the mountain, to feel the wind on my face, to feel my legs burning from the exercise, to feel the warm slowly leak out of my fingers. If I could live near a mountain, I’d be on it every weekend, blasting my way through the snow. Alas, I live in Oklahoma.

On the last day of the trip, I got a call from my mother, which she began by saying, “This is a bad call.”

Turns out, my grandmother died. It wasn’t unexpected, as she’s been in and out of the hospital practically every month for the last year or so. My parents have spent a lot of time visiting her and my grandfather recently, as they’ve been in a nursing home and have needed all the cheering that they could get. But even when something is expected, it’s still not easy, and I was sad to see my Grandmother's passing. My father is one step closer to being the oldest in his family, and I know that has to be a bit daunting.

My grandmother was a depression-era kind of woman. She raised five kids on a small budget, made her gravy with water, could sew anything from scratch, and insisted when I got the flu at her house once that it was just “homesickness.” But she loved her grandkids, and I still have the last gift she ever got for me on her own – a silly bracelet with charms all over it. It’s not my style, but I wear it anyway, knowing she picked it out. She knew I loved jewelry, and she did her best. I didn’t expect to get very emotional at the funeral, because I haven’t seen much of my grandparents over the last few years, but I found myself sitting in the pew, thinking about all the great times we had at their house. Thanksgivings were always my favorite. I realized how much I missed being a little kid, staying with my grandparents. Even though they weren’t the spoiling type, they still loved us in their own way.

Since then I’ve been sick, and the Mister tried to give my sicky self the sweetest valentines he could, even if it was overshadowed by the funeral and the family. I’m still pretty exhausted, but coming out of it. And now it’s time to start spending more time with my books. The next month is going to be crazy, and I’m not sure I’m ready. But I’ve got to be. So wish me luck.