Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fashion Week? Be still, my heart.


I just found out that the mister and I will be landing in Paris on the last day of Paris Fashion Week. I'm trying to decide if we should attempt to walk near the Tuileries to try to catch a glimpse of the Sartorialist in action, or maybe try to take some Sartorialist-style photos of my own. We'll have just stepped off a plane at 8:30 that morning, after jumping forward 7 hours, and going through 14 hours of travel. I'm not sure we'll be in the mood, but we'll just have to see what it's like. Hopping on the metro to check things out certainly doesn't sound hard, especially if I get to see some high fashion in action. As in, see people walking out of the shows, wearing clothes that I would only dream of owning. But we'll see. It may be that the only thing we have energy for is a good meal and a little wandering.

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