Monday, March 1, 2010

The Looming Tower (d'Eiffel)

Today, I am freaking out a little. Why am I freaking out a little? Because in 8 days, at this time, I will be frantically running around my house, trying to remember everything we could possibly forget to pack for our nearly 2-week trip to Europe. I will undoubtedly forget something important, or think I need more than I do, worry that I have overpacked, and fear that somehow, the airport will not let us in.

So, in no particular order, today I am making a list of things I will have to do in the next week. If someone could hire me a personal assistant for the next 7 days, I would appreciate it immensely.

1. Stop our mail, so that I don’t have to rely on anyone to pick it up.
2. Figure out what post office I need to go to stop said mail and also where to pick it up when we get back.
3. Make copies of all of our important documents: passports, social security cards, drivers licenses, etc. and pack said copies in a safe place for the trip.
4. Buy a money belt and feel retarded that I’m buying a money belt.
5. Write four papers for class, to get ahead on my work while I’m gone. I’m not sure when I’ll have time for this one.
6. Run a 5K that I signed up for on Saturday. I’m not sure what I’m thinking on that one; I’m out of shape and have no time.
7. Get travel insurance.
8. Find my electric converter or buy a new one. Probably the second, as I have no idea where to begin looking for my converter.
9. Clean every nook and cranny of my house so that it will look nice for our return. After which it will immediately become a mess again.
10. Pack up Tonks for her 2-week stay with her grandparents (food, dog toys, dog bed, etc). They’re even installing a doggy door for their “grand-dog” this week, since she’s so used to having one at our house. If they do this for the dog, I’m beginning to wonder what lengths they’ll go to for our kids when we have them…
11. Ask the sister-in-law to come check on our house a few times, invite her to use our laundry and lounge on our couch.
12. Make hotel arrangements for the night before our flight home.
13. Set up international calling on my cell phone and figure out how to turn data roaming off while we’re there so that we don’t end up owning $500 for calls.
14. Write up an itinerary to send to loved ones and friends so they know how to contact us while we’re away.
15. Pack.
16. Wrap up anything pressing at work and make others aware what they’ll be covering for me while I’m out.
17. Find a day bag to use while we run around Europe – something light but big enough to carry bottled water, maps, phone, a few snacks and other necessities.
18. Make a list of restaurants, museums and sights that are MUST SEE, Want to See, and Might-see-if-we-end-up-with-extra-time.
19. Create a loose budget and transfer money into bank accounts to cover that budget.
20. Make a list of people I should buy gifts for.
21. Find something to carry wine back in, so I can bring some of France home with me.
22. Pack all medications that might be needed including allergy meds, birth control (no Paris babies for us!), and some magic pills for the Mister, to keep his minor lactose intolerance in check while we ingest as much cheese as possible.
I could probably go on and on. But I’ll stop here, as you’ve probably gotten the idea and stopped caring around item #7.

This is going to be a very busy week.

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