Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our First Day in Paris

We've arrived! I'm sitting this morning, drinking a cup of coffee, and looking out the huge windows of our Haven in Paris apartment at the Montmartre Cemetary. It should feel morbid, looking out at a sea of what can only be described as glorified dead bodies, but it doesn't. It's beautiful, and I can see the dome of Sacre Coeur poking out over the top of the hill.

We had a very long day yesterday. Our flight arrived almost two hours late, making us two hours late to the apartment, and our greeter was very upset by this. I thought this was the reason I gave them my flight information in the first place - so they could be aware if we had a late arrival. As our plane was landing, I was supposed to be at the apartment. When I called, she informed me that "of course you will be charged for this," something that irked me greatly. How could I have called from the air to let them know I would be landing late? I did wait until we got our baggage, and settled into a taxi cab before I did call her, which was apparently also "unacceptable." And when we ended up in the wrong place and had to take the metro the last few miles, she was quite upset. We landed two hours late, and arrived two hours late to the apartment. Seems logical to me, but to her, not so much.

Ah, well. What are you going to do? I'll just cross my fingers that the penalty isn't the entire $350 deposit I put down for damages. If it is, I might raise a stink.

We're getting ready to head to the Louvre for a day of art. Greg is excited, and I am, too. Just like looking out over the cemetary, art museums are like looking out at a sea of dead artists. I love to sit and watch people look at art in museums. They make for great character sketches (in writing, not in art; I could never draw). I'm going to finish my coffee and head off to the museum with my Mister, who is probably agitated that I'm even writing this right now.

A bientot!

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