Friday, April 2, 2010

First Up - The Apartment

I found our apartment after reading about Haven in Paris on A Cup of Jo. I was enamoured. Impressed. I longed to stay in our own apartment in Paris. And so, with my heart in my mouth (and assuming it would be far out of our price range), I emailed them and discussed the tiny studio apartment in Montmartre. A few days later, I was sending them the check for our week's rent. It was sublime. It felt like home as soon as we arrived (and the Greeter left us to our own devices). Without further ado, a few photos (as in, a zillion).
The apartment came equipped with a phone with FREE (!!) long distance to any phone in the US.
I called my parents as soon as we arrived. And everyone else I knew. Ever.
I also couldn't go five minutes without updating my Facebook status.
Don't judge. I finally had REAL bragging rights about something.
"Just arrived at our APARTMENT in Paris. C'est magnifique!"
Greg and I both were fascinated by the view. The brochure said nothing about it (that I recall), but we loved it.
Maybe a graveyard would seem creepy to some, but it felt magical and perfect for the two of us.
A closer view of some of the graves.
This was the view out of our window. You can see Sacre Coeur there in the far distance.
I could see it from the shower, too, not that I showered without closing the curtains... often.
There were little touches around the apartment that I just loved.
Like this watercolor(?) of our tiny little street - Pilleux - hanging in the kitchen.
See? This is me on the same street!
On the back of the murphy bed hung two rustic chairs.
I wondered where they came from and how I could get some of my own. I loved that little touch.
Extra seating, but so fitting to the style of the apartment, and without taking up any extra room.
Another little touch - a watercolor of the apartment's layout.
The perfect size for two American tourists.

The top of the kitchen cabinet was lined with French Cookery.

On our last morning, I had a buffet breakfast of cheeses, sausages, and what I like to call "Cardboard Bread."
I demolished an entire wheel of camembert on my own.

The apartment also came stocked with coffee, sugar, oil, spices - most of the pantry staples
you need to make a few fresh ingredients into a meal. I loved this jar of sugar cubes
we used for our coffee in the mornings. It made me want a jar of sugar cubes at home.
What kind of library student would I be if I didn't read, even on my trip to Paris?
I brought along Wuthering Heights, which I had never read, and really enjoyed it.
It seemed so fitting to be reading a gothic book while I looked out on a graveyard.
But, if I hadn't brought any books, the apartment came fully stocked.
Have I mentioned how much I loved this place?

But none of this would have been as fun as it was without this face. Smiling and handing me coffee, telling me he loved me and sharing in one of the most fantastic vacations of my entire life.
(I'm pretty sure right after I snapped this photo he said, "Please take this now - it's really hot."
Burning his fingers for my photo-op - that's love right there.)

Back and Better than Ever?

Picture by me!

I’m back.

But of course, you probably knew that.

And see, I have an excuse for no telling you a week ago, when I first arrived. Because I found out over the course of the last week that I am a paper-writing fool. I had two papers due while I was gone, and two more due tomorrow. So, over the last week, I’ve been a book-reading, paper-writing fool. I’ve barely had time to look at our pictures myself, much less post any of them for others to see. They’re not even on the Facebook account yet (which is really crazy).

I’ve been thinking about the blog, though, and contemplating when I’d have time to post my pictures. And a synopsis of the trip. So, here is the synopsis of the trip:

Can I please go back to Paris?

I hope that covers it.

Pictures to come, ASAP.

P.S. I should also mention that
Haven in Paris? My new favorite people. They called and emailed me after my post to tell me not to worry my pretty little head one moment about the arrival snafu. It was all okay, and just a miscommunication. I breathed a huge sigh of relief that day, and went on my way, smiling all the way through the metro ride to Musee d’Orsay. (Which, if you could smell the guy next to me, is saying a LOT.) I’d recommend their services anytime you want to stay and feel like, no matter where you are, you’re home. Our greeter was kind, and very accommodating, and besides that one sticky moment when I was jet-lagged and angry, it was a great trip.