Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seeing the Sights 1

Believe me, I know it's been a while. I've missed writing far more than you've missed reading, though, I'm sure.
Time to pick up where I left off - pictures of our trip. Which is now two months ago. Time flies.
Yes, we were "those" people. Segway touring our way through Paris. But I'll tell you - it's probably the best money we spent there. Four hours on a private tour, and the ability to play on Segways to boot? Nerdy perfection.
Oh, wait - THIS is nerdy perfection.
There was a group of us, so at least we weren't nerdy alone. Six couples in total - two from Ireland, two from Canada and us crazy Americans.
On to the Louvre! Greg was out of his mind excited about the Louvre, being an art major in college and all. I was excited, too, but my excitement started to wane around the fourth hour of exploring the endless halls. Greg's did not. I have about twenty pictures like this of him - standing in front of a priceless work of art, looking almost as proud as if he'd painted it himself.
You see that tiny thing back there? Mona Lisa. This is as close as we got. Too many Asian tourists, and not enough interest on our part. I'd already seen it, and Greg didn't care.
I am a fan of Winged Victory of Samonthrace, however, and I spent quite a bit of time examining it from every angle. I wonder, though, if it weren't at the top of such a beautiful entryway, if it would have the same effect. I can't say. But I loved it anyway, armless, headless and all.
See? The stairs, the majesty? It really does take your breath away when you see it. And makeup, too, apparently. I never once looked cute while we were on vacation. But I'm okay with that.
I was excited about this place - Napoleon's apartment. It is so... decadent. It was one of the few things I remembered from my first trip to the Louvre when I was 15.

This is one final picture of our Louvre trip. I love the reflection in the pyramid - how you can see the building in the background. Like a ghost.

More pictures coming tomorrow...

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I've been dying to read more and see more. BEAUTIFUL pictures. Does Greg offer lessons? I would love to learn a few of his tricks. You guys sound like you had a marvelous time. So happy for you!