Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seeing the Sights 2

I promise I only have a couple of posts left of pictures. And then we will get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

First up, the Arc de Triomphe...

We approached it from afar, and Greg got some cool night shots of it. I love the Champs Élysées (which I have trouble spelling) at night. It's so busy, so bright, and so beautiful.
More night pictures as we approached. This one reminds me of a Parisian "Abby Road."
When we got there, we decided to pay the 9 euro to walk up to the top. This was the staircase, and we weren't even all the way at the bottom. I think we'd already walked up a couple of revolutions by this time. I was almost dizzy at the end.
I am amazed at how well this telephoto picture turned out. That would be the Sacre Coeur off in the distance.

If this one was a bit sharper, I'd have it blown up and put it in our house. Unfortunately, it only looks good at about this size. Whatever. It's still an awesome picture.

Ah, Notre Dame. Greg and I enjoyed the church quite a bit. And don't worry, we stepped on Point Zero, just to make sure we'd one day return to Paris. Maybe for our 50th anniversary?

The infamous rose window. Greg has about fifty pictures of this - he was trying to get one that came out clear. We really could have used a tripod on this trip.

Did I mention that I hate picture after picture of people standing demurely in front of a famous site? I didn't? Hm....

Les Invalides. This wasn't a place we'd planned on going, but it turned out to be quite interesting. I really wish we had more time there, but we saw Napoleon's tomb, which was our main reason for going. What a neat place.

Do I look pensive here? Greg's favorite sculptor is Rodin, so naturally, we went to the Rodin museum. It was really quite beautiful (and cold). Rodin was a very expressive artist, and I was fascinated by his work. Moreso than I thought I'd be.
Some more random pictures to come tomorrow...

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