Monday, May 9, 2011

A Semester Ends, and Life Begins

On Thursday, I submitted my final paper for the semester. It felt so good to let that last thing go off into the ether of the interwebs and declare myself done for the semester. Unfortunately, I had to celebrate by going to Kansas City for work, and there wasn’t any time to play around in the Power and Light district. Still, it’s made the short list of places I want to return to with the Mister. I’m already imagining a weekend getaway in our near future.

I feel like I’m closing in on an important milestone in my life. I have less than a year before I’ll finish all the requirements for my master’s program. This summer I’ll spend some time finalizing the structure of the research I want to do, and this fall I’ll spend half the semester conducting the research and then I’ll set down to analyzing and writing the actual paper. A year ago, the thought of writing this thing sounded like a ridiculous dream. But now that I’m coming upon it, I’m starting to feel more confident about it. The craziest part? When I’m finished with my thesis and I go to defend it in front of my professors, I will be the expert in the room. Me – an expert. That’s just nuts.

School tends to take up a large amount of my time during the semester. I find myself spending more evenings than I want attached to a book or an article, attempting to hurriedly read for school, complete the next project, do the next discussion post. I miss out on evenings with my Mister, good times with friends and more than one glass of wine as I attempt to make something better of myself. Make a librarian of myself.

But, for the next month, I’m going to pretend that school doesn’t really exist. That I’m being paid to read Margaret Atwood and Jasper Fford. That someone is judging me on how well I play Lego Indiana Jones with the Mister. That baking is the only thing keeping me alive. (Cake balls, here I come!) I might even throw in some organizing and cleaning so that the Mister will think I’m some sort of WonderWife. It will be an epic month off.