Friday, September 16, 2011

What the What?

So, for about eleventy-one years (or, like...two), I've been annoyed with the Blogger interface. I mean, honestly. When I upload photos, I have to do it in reverse order that I want them to appear, because they ALL go to the top of the page, and I have to painstakingly drag each one down bit by bit through the post, since it doesn't auto-scroll, and the window was soooo tiny. Still, I admit that I am too lazy to work in HTML or find a new WYSIWYG editor. I mean, Blogger is here, and it makes my life easy because it's all Google, right? So I was ready to suffer the consequences.

And then....well hello there new interface. Look how lovely and simple you are! Look how your area for type takes up more than 1/16th of the page! And how simple the picture uploader became? Awesome. It mad it so easy to put a blurry picture of the Mister sewing a button onto his pants in 2008 right in the middle of this post. The first time.

I don't know about you, but I have just one thing to say about this shake-up:

It's. About. Damn. Time.

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Anonymous said...

Look at little Tonks is in the picture!! Just a pup!