Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - A Year To Accomplish Some Crap

While I'm sure no one is reading this anymore, I am posting here anyway. Because I need a place to put my goals for 2013 out into the world. So here goes:

1. Write every week

I've got an idea for a screenplay. I have a novel in the works that needs an ending. I have journals coming out of my ears. I have two blogs that I could be adding posts to. But for some reason, I don't find time to write. Yes, I have a child, a job, and a desire for down time, but I know that I could write more than I do. And if I did write more, my writing would probably see vast improvement. I used to be an excellent writer, but I feel like my abilities are dwindling. Like being flexible, if you don't stretch your writing muscles now and then, you start to lose your range of motion. So, I want to find something to write every week, whether it's here or at my other blog (The Tatums' Tot) or just in a journal. I might even make a spreadsheet to keep track if I'm doing it.

2. Accomplish Spring Cleaning

I found a list of 23 Spring Cleaning items everyone should do. I'd like to mark off at least 20 of them. (Because, let's face it, I am NOT going to wash all of the 90-year old windows in my house. I can't even get half of the windows open!) My house has not had a deep clean since we moved in. And that was THREE YEARS AGO. Unacceptable. There are probably dust bunnies the size of my dog hiding under the furniture.

3. Save Enough Money to Take a Vacation

I have fallen into a nasty habit of buying whatever I want whenever I want it. Well, no more. I want to take a fabulous vacation this fall with my husband, so it's time to break out the coupon books, do some comparison shopping and make myself really question if I actually need that snazzy little combination garlic-chopper/bikini line trimmer. I buy things I don't need. I buy things I already have. I get the name brands when generic would work just fine. So, I want to reduce our grocery bill and my monthly spending habits enough to save $150 a month. That will also cover the added expense of switching our baby's daycare to a closer, better facility.

4. Keep a Weekly Goal List

I've been using an app called Astrid to keep track of to-do lists. I've created one called "Weekly Goals" and am planning to keep 4-5 goals on it at all times. Then, as I accomplish one, I add a new one. Right now the list includes some things I've been meaning to do that I haven't taken care of.

That's it. Those are my goals. Now they're out in the world. Time to make some spreadsheets and hold myself accountable. Yikes.